K1 Classroom

About K1

We are very excited to be able to grow with our little children and can offer a fabulous K1 classroom complete with a play room, large class area, 'Messy' room for Art and Science and a wonderfully inviting and stimulating library for our children to explore .

Continuing with our STEAM-based curriculum, the K1 children will be challenged more this year while following the individual students' cues and abilities.

Following an IB-like system, we aim to allow student-led learning to blossom in this class through the use Of very interactive lessons, imaginative play and advancement in all aspects of academic, social, physical and emotional learning.

Students will take part in three English lessons per day and three Chinese lessons. Children will learn a vast array of subjects including, but not limited To, English, Science, Techonology, Maths, Phonics and Culture as well as Mandarin language, Character writing, Song & Dance, Physical Education and more.

Working closely with a team of curriculum developers and Admissions Directors at some of the most popular International Schools in the city, we are confident that our Kindergarten programs are offering the best education and keep to the International standards, milestones and targets required for entrance in to future Primary programs.

Request a Trial

We invite all interested families to book a tour/trial with us. 

For our K1 children, we recommend a parent-accompanied trial lesson in the mornings. We offer free trials from 9:30-11:00 Monday to Thursday.*   

*Only one family visit per day