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Our Program


RTA offers five full-day enrollment for students aged 2 - 4 years old.
Half day or flexible enrollment is not an option at this time.

Halloween Party!


On Tuesday, October 31st, we will be having an in-school Halloween Party with Trick or Treating, dress up and some Spoooooky games!



“Every time we're getting ready to out now, she's been asking, are we going to the 'magic school'?”

“Thank you so much for the lovely presentation the other day, we really loved it!”

“I was really impressed with your trial class. Please let me know how to enroll as we are so excited to attend!”

Future Enrollment


We have filled all the available spots at RTA. We do have a wait list, but invite any interested parents to get in touch if they would like to know more about our enrollment procedures.

Rainbow Tree Academy is EXPANDING


With such a high demand and wonderful feedback from parents, we have decided to move forward with expansion to open two more classes in the new year!



Do you have air purifiers installed in the school?
Each classroom is equipped with a BlueAir air purifier. We also have an air filtration system in place.