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Our Philosophy

 We at Rainbow Tree Academy are committed to providing early childhood education and fostering the most important aspects of development including social learning, physical understanding, sensory exploration and emotional awareness.  

We aim to provide a safe and nurturing space where children can learn to interact with one another, further their understanding of the world around them through the use of creative arts and, ultimately, become happy and independent students.

With many years of experience in the Early Childhood Education field, our founders have created a wonderfully diverse and exciting curriculum based on learning through multiple mediums, creative arts and sensory exploration.


First-Rate Curriculum

RTA is proud to offer a child-centered and developmentally appropriate program for children aged 18 months to six years old. We have chosen to implement a S.T.E.A.M. based learning framework – a comprehensive curriculum and system of learning that focuses on ability-led learning and self-exploration. Our curriculum and daily plans address all areas of early childhood development – social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language.  


Our Mission

RTA promotes an environment where children become independent, confident, life-long learners with a strong sense of self.
In each child, we strive to cultivate:  
• Autonomy  
• A sense of belonging  
• Respect for others  
• Enthusiasm for exploration
It is our belief that being part of an educational environment from the ages of 18 months will greatly benefit children in many aspects of their self-exploration and education. 


RTA Summer Camp T&C 2019 (pdf)


Our Classes

Tiny Seeds - 18mo - 3y.o.


 We at Rainbow Tree Academy are proud to be offering a nurturing environment that provides structure to allow our youngest little ones to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable. 

 We have gone through great efforts to create the Tiny Seeds classroom for children aged 18months to 3 years old that will engage all aspects of their cognitive, social and emotional development. 

Little Leaves - 3-4y.o.


 Our Little Leaves classroom has been designed for children aged 3-4 years old and is the perfect environment for student-led learning.  

 Following a STEAM-based curriculum, our Little Leaves children will develop their physical literacy, emotional understaning, social skills and academic awareness through the use and application of these diverse subjects.  

Mighty Oaks - 4-6y.o.


 We are very excited to be able to grow with our little children and can offer a fabulous Mighty Oaks classroom complete with a play room, large class area, 'Messy' room for Art and Science and a wonderfully inviting and stimulating library for our children to explore . 

 Continuing with our STEAM-based curriculum, the Mighty Oaks children will be challenged more this year while following the individual students' cues and abilities.  

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Rainbow Tree Academy International Preschool

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